Bundle Doubler

The Avanti Bundle Doubler quickly double stacks bundles on top of each other and then aligns them.

Bundles of cases or die-cut sheets, either tied or untied are conveyed via the entry conveyor, to a pop up blade stop. The stop squares and readies the bundle for entry to the bundle doubler. The first pack enters the bundle doubler and runs to the back stop. The fork lifts the bundle to a set height. The forks action is pneumatic and all other movements by electric motors and gearboxes. The second bundle held at the blade stop then enters the bundle doubler and runs under the raised bundle to the backstop. The pusher actuates pushing both bundles at 90 degrees where they merge together on the tapered forks. There are various PLC controls which ensure that bundles are entered and released under control to empty zones.

The bundle doubler is normally supplied with a desk top panel with processor and PLC controls, with an HMI to allow certain manual operations.

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Bundle doubler holding one stack of boards above another