Introducing the Pegasus Palletiser

Avanti’s new Pegasus separator palletiser system is an exciting, state-of-the-art piece of equipment that can vastly improve your productivity, while still handling your die cut trays with the greatest care.

Avanti's Pegasus is designed to be installed behind your die cutters, and performs all separation functions and layer formation by simultaneously handling several bundles. It handles your products carefully, maintaining their flute integrity, while still providing the highest level of productivity.

Avanti's Pegasus is completely electric, saving on expensive energy costs, and its revolutionary design is the result of our 30 years of experience, coupled with the expertise of our dynamic engineering and software team.

"Pegasus has been designed with the benefit of a lifetime of experience in our industry. We have listened to our customers and truly believe that Pegasus is a giant leap forward in delivering asset optimisation of die cutting lines. We are excited and proud to launch Pegasus to our customers."
Simon Mander Managing Director, Avanti Conveyors


Avanti Pegasus offers you:

Better product quality

  • No marks on product
  • Top stack quality for end customers
  • Layers centred from four sides
  • Can handle even the most complex die cut shapes
  • Deals with market demand for small trays
  • HQ Stack enhancement device with dual fingers (Patent applied for)

Improved speed and output

  • High capacity due to 4 seconds separator cycle
  • Simultaneous bundle movement for high speed layer formation
  • High output, increasing your productivity by up to 40%
  • Smaller footprint, using less valuable production space

Easy to use, Intuitive HMI

  • Drag and drop touch screen user interface
  • Intelligent, modern control system that automatically collects and uploads important product data
  • All inputs and product settings memorised
  • Full visualisation on screen
  • ASI diagnostics
  • Dynamic display of line capacity
  • Open protocol for connection to converting machines

Avanti design

  • Robust construction
  • Fully electric, eliminates expensive compressed air