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Monday 6th December 2021

Accelerate offsite support

With Orange Box you have all the tools for your Avanti materials handling system in one place!

What's in the box?

  • AS-i Programming Tool - Address devices in the palm of your hand.
  • NORD Programmer – View fault codes and parameters inside your drives.
  • Tachometer – Check the conveyor speeds.
  • 24v Sensor Tester – Advises about faulty sensors.
  • All necessary leads and cables.

In addition to this, Orange Box also comes with a Laptop pre-loaded with TeamViewer. This offers you a host of features including allowing our Avanti software team to connect remotely*.

This gives you real time customer support and on-screen assistance should a breakdown occur.

Benefits of the Orange Box:

  • Rockwell PLC software specific for your site. View the programs of your system in detail.
  • Electronic copies of schematics with newer versions issued periodically.
  • AS-i and NORD software for downloading backups and inspecting the safety circuit.
  • Integrated webcam allowing for improved troubleshooting between on-site staff and Avanti engineers.

Orange Box will allow your site to accelerate offsite support. Therefore enabling you to get production back online quicker and reduce downtime to a minimum.

If you want to be on the fast-track route, order your Avanti Orange Box today - contact us now!

*Please note that TeamViewer support is available for our customers during the warranty support period or for those with Service Contracts or by separate purchase order.

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