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Monday 4th February 2019

From the International Paperboard Industry Magazine, February 2019 - Materials Handling Report

"UK based Avanti Conveyors recognise that customers want to work with partners offering complete system supply and full integration into their existing conversion equipment."

"They have been hard at work developing new equipment, such as the Pegasus Palletiser and Bundle Doubler, both of which extend their materials handling range to supply complete line materials handling from one source. The Pegasus Palletiser is designed to be installed behind high volume producing die-cutters and performs all separation functions and layer forming by simultaneously handling several bundles at the same time and can improve productivity by up to 40%."

Go to page 46 of the pdf (or page  90 of the printed version) to read the full article.

 - courtesy of the International Paper Board Industry magazine – February 2019.


Click on the link below to download the complete article.

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