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Thursday 9th January 2020

Hear more about how robots can help you

Avanti Conveyors will be presenting at the next Sheet Plant Association Conference on the 27th January at The Belfry Hotel & Resort in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham.

The topic is "The Robots are coming" and our Sales Manager, Chris Reynolds, will explain how robots can increase productivity, reduce manual labour costs and optimise your workflow.

All of this can be achieved by integrating robots into your existing production workflow.

When do I need a robot?

  • For providing alternative feeding solutions
  • When fast set-ups for small and large runs are required
  • If less operator involvement is desired
  • Because less maintenance and power requirements are crucial
  • When plant space is at a premium

Why do I need a robot?

  • Fast and Strong - Operate at maximum machine speeds
  • Tedious, repetitive tasks – Handled consistently and with unwavering focus
  • Quick – 30 second set-ups
  • Easy – Once a year maintenance
  • Green – 5 amp nominal electrical usage
  • The Wow Factor – Impress customers during plant tours by showing that you are at the forefront of innovation

The AutoFeed Robotic Prefeeder is an innovative system that can be used on your rotary and flatbed die cutters, flexo folder gluers and more specifically, will allow you to increase productivity and reduce your manual labour costs. The Autofeed has the ability to feed a variety of material from micro flute to triple wall. It can also stack pallets, dispose of dunnage sheets, de-stack and more. The AutoFeed can save over 50% floor space when compared to a conventional prefeeder, thus providing your plant with extra space for additional operations. You can expect a quick ROI due to its versatility and speeds that feed at the same productivity as your equipment.

The AutoStak Palletising System will increase your host machine output as well as your bale consistency to your customer. In addition, it will eliminate manual labour and decrease operator fatigue and injuries. The AutoStak handles a variety of bundle styles, strapped or unstrapped. No dedicated dunnage or tie sheets. The system uses either an existing, or new, load former.

The Avanti Conveyors approach of combining innovation, flexibility and support means that our customers have efficient and productive materials handling systems delivering significant improvements in plant productivity and profitability. Robots sit alongside our full range of material handling equipment to optimise your production facility. After 30 years of serving the global corrugated industry alongside in-house design and manufacturing means that Avanti Conveyors are well placed to meet the demands of customers, both new and old.

Contact us to find out more or come along to the SPA Conference on 27th January - book a place now.

Can't wait till then? Here's a preview of one of the robots in action.

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