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Tuesday 18th December 2018

New Project Delivery Team at Avanti Conveyors

At Avanti Conveyors we realise one of the most crucial aspects of a project is the Project Management, Installation and Commissioning. This point of customer interface during a project and effective communication, both internally and externally, is critical.

Therefore, Avanti Conveyors have merged our Installation and PLC teams. This new team is headed up by Project Management and is appropriately called the “Project Delivery Team.”  This team will help deliver real value to your business, ensure fair expectations are set and enable realistic project planning.
The Project Delivery Team are led by our Project Delivery Manager, Martyn Harness. Martyn has 40 years of experience including hands-on time working as a field service engineer, so he fully understands the processes and challenges of on-site installation work. This knowledge, alongside his technical and project management skills, makes him the ideal person to lead this team.
Many of our customers will soon meet Jim Love, our Project Delivery Supervisor. Jim has worked in project installations and engineering for 22 years and is well versed in lean management and project planning. He is an effective communicator who is used to liaising with customers and delivering successful projects.
Martyn and Jim are supported by site Team Leaders along with an integrated team of experienced personnel who are able to deliver completely seamless projects to our customers.
Please get in touch if you have any questions or would like to find out more.

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