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Monday 16th December 2019

Why did the robot cross the road?

Because it was programmed to!

Robots can help increase productivity, reduce manual labour costs and optimise your workflow.

When do I need a Robot?

  • Need for alternative feeding solutions
  • Need for fast set-ups for small and large runs
  • Need to feed with less operator involvement
  • Need for a system with less maintenance and power requirements
  • Need to utilise plant space efficiently

Why do I need a Robot?

  • Faster - Operate at maximum machine speeds
  • Quicker – 30 second set-ups
  • Easier – Once a year maintenance
  • Greener – 5 amp nominal electrical usage
  • The Wow Factor – Impress customers during plant tours by showing that you are at the forefront of innovation

Please contact us for more information about how robots can help your production facility.

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