iMPRESS OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) INSITE

Information – the more you have, the more knowledge you gain and the better you will perform. Avanti Conveyors have used their years of experience working in the corrugated packaging industry to develop a new software product, which integrates with materials handling equipment to give detailed performance information to our customers. This information can be used to identify any bottlenecks or weaknesses in the production flow and therefore improve efficiency and reduce costs.

iMPRESS is Avanti Conveyors Finished Goods Central Palletising Control System and iMPRESS OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) INSITE is the Information System which runs alongside. The Finished Goods area of the factory has often been a bit of a black hole and lacked feedback about the performance of all the equipment and flow of product. This area has lots of processes including conveying, strapping, palletising, wrapping, top board loading, top sheet loading, sample boxes and fork truck collection and take-off.

iMPRESS OEE INSITE has been designed to integrate with products from other Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to give automated feedback to the material handling control system. Each element in the Finished Goods chain has various identifiable issues (e.g. wrapper out of film, bar code misreads, loads waiting for unload by the fork truck). The performance report for the shift can then be drilled down into in detailed reports and graphs. This gives the engineering and maintenance teams specific information to allow them to prioritise their workload to address the equipment which is causing the most breakdowns. Once this engineering work has been completed then the performance report for the next shift can show where next to focus their efforts, making the Finished Goods area as streamlined and efficient as possible. Further, it encourages production teams to analyse throughput, and identify bottlenecks either due to equipment capacity or process, thus highlighting potential areas for future investment. In addition it can allow production teams to question existing practices, while targeting higher outputs or even saving costs, for example “we didn’t realise that we are doing 40% wrapped work, do we need to do that?”

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